we recommend these shoes for you

Do not rush to throw your Common Projects, these fresh and crazy shoes is not the best choice with the dress, do not blindly imitate the T model wearing a ride. Want to try the new trend of the stock, you can step by step slowly, when you wear a very simple wind, you can consider your small white shoes hidden, put on these colorful style. In order to give you a snack, we recommend these from the entry level to the crazy level of “clown” shoes for your choice. Such as:


Karhu,  This pair of sports shoes have a strange shape but the color is relatively low-key, and Kanye also have a pair, which shows that it is worth out of the door.


Asics x J.Crew, striped shoelaces, tongue is a separate design, coupled with modest brown color match, this pair of Asics Gel Lyte IIIs or can start.


Nike: This pair of Air Max 95 sports shoes have spots bright blue soles, orange vamps and checkered inside, of course, only the real shoes fans can really appreciate it.


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